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Jack Smith




Instructions: Jack Smith

Use mouse to play

Game Detail

This great adventure will thrill you, it's planned for all ages so enjoy the game. As you travel down the road, many different enemy will be blocking your path! Follow the instructions in the beginning of the game, which will be on your screen. Make weapons like in the Middle Ages as a real blacksmith. Your sidekick Scout will run ahead let you know what kind of enemies you will have to face that day. sometimes you will encounter Elemental Enemies that are weak against a certain Element. Build weapons that deal extra elemental damage for these enemies! Solder in the area will help you, but they need weapons firs! Each soldier is skilled with a certain type of weapon. swordsmen can only use swords and archers can only use bows. Use the Gems you collect to buy weapon parts from Gander's shop. Battle, epic weapons, elements, creating weapons you have all in this adventure. Everything you collect you can find in your inventory. We wish you a great adventure!

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